MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — Nightfall Theme Deck Display (1st Edition)

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — Nightfall Theme Deck Display (1st Edition)

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Display contains 2 of each theme deck.

Each MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — Nightfall Theme Deck contains 1 exclusive MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — Nightfall holographic promo card; 1 39-ct. Pages (cards) sealed pre-constructed deck; 1 official MetaZoo rulebook; 1 MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — Nightfall Booster Packs; and 1 MetaZoo metallic coin.

Reptoid Rule (Cosmic): Can your opponent survive an alien invasion? With Pages from out of this world, you can shake things up and use the power of the Cosmic Cult to control the arena! 

Elder Matlox (Earth): Crush your opponents with the all new Earth’s Binding page, a new core Nightfall card. Your opponents will stand no chance against the gargantuan might of the ancient Giants sealed away within this Spellbook! 

The Ghost Marshall (Light): Blind your opponents with this new Silver Bullet–slinging Spellbook that’s sure to leave any opponent Caster’s head spinning! 

Stikini Owl (Spirit): With the ghastly power of Spirit on your side, do you think you have what it takes and are ready to delve into the Afterlife? 

Flying Manta Ray (Water): Harness the power of the seas and the Flying Manta Ray to send shivers down the spines of opponent Casters with this powerful Water Aura deck!

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