Tomorrow Dies Today

Tomorrow Dies Today

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Tomorrow Dies Today puts you in the role of a Supervillain or one of his top nine Henchmen. Take over various areas of criminal enterprise, gather resources, recruit Faceless Henchmen, and discover Doomsday Missions to enact your plan of global domination.

​Three different asymmetrical game modes allow you to pick whether you and your friends will be 100% cooperative, sharpen your back stabbing daggers, or play with up to three teams in a free for all.

Competitive/Coop Hybrid
4-7 Players (One as the Supervillain, 3-6 as Henchmen)
3-5 Hours

1-6 Players
2-3 Hours

Team vs. Team
2-6 Players divided between 2-3 teams
2-3 Hours

In all cases, you will have to plot three moves in advance, building Squads to complete missions and harvest Spoils in the most efficient way possible, all with an end goal of completing the Doomsday Plan and/or achieving the most VP (Villain Prestige)

The game focuses on strategy and negotiation. There are no dice, and mechanics reduce random chance to reward you for relying on your wit instead of luck.

Check out our YouTube videos, forum section, and website for details on how to play, and how each game mode can entertain your table of players.

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